Pronto Tax Business Opportunity
IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider #MPMDK
Live, NOT BORING Webinar Reveals...
"How to Start a Low-Cost, High-Profit Margin Tax Business, In Your Spare Time, No Prior Experience Necessary, With Training and Support Provided by Two of the Tax Industry's Leading Experts."
We are reviewing the performance of this tax season's Members and planning for the upcoming year's Program.  We'll be back soon, better than ever!

Your Webinar Hosts:
Andy Frye,
Tax Professional, Entreprenuer
  •  More than 10,000 tax returns personally prepared
  •  3rd generation tax business entrepreneur 
  •  Enrolled Agent (E.A.) 
  •  Founder, Pronto Tax School, Inc.
  •  Founder, Pronto Tax Opportunity, LLC
Glen Wielandt
Tax Professional, Entreprenuer
  •  37 Years Tax Business Experience
  •  Has Worked with All of the "Big 3" Tax Franchises
  •  Trained & Supported More Than 100 Area Developers and 250 Franchisees 
  •  Former Director of Franchise Business Development at Fiesta Auto Insurance and Tax®
  •  Owned and operated 18 tax preparation offices in the Denver, CO area
What You'll Learn on the Webinar:
Secret #1
"How to make an extra $20,000 per year providing tax services, in your spare time, while working fewer than 100 hours per year."
Secret #2
"How to take clients from more experienced tax professionals, including big name-brand companies, without needing to rent office space, hire employees, or buy an expensive franchise."
Secret #3
"How to keep your costs dirt cheap while you build your business, so that you create a cash flow positive business in the shortest amount of time possible."
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